The brainchild of Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, Sophia is the Audrey Hepburn-enlivened humanoid robot who has met all way of lawmakers and famous people, and once guaranteed to, fail, decimate all of mankind.

Presently Sophia has an intelligent younger sibling — and she’s prepared to show kids about STEM subject (science, innovation, designing, and arithmetic) and coding. Planned for children matured 7 to 13, Little Sophia is a 14-inch robot, equipped for completing a great part of the usefulness of the bigger, customary Sophia. That incorporates strolling, talking, following and perceiving countenances, and pulling a wide range of outward appearances. What’s more, she can sing, recount stories, and reel off tidbits like an energized (and to some degree geeky) kid. There’s likewise some A.I. home partner abilities and even some clever increased reality tech tossed in for good measure.

The robot is programmable by means of a versatile application, and can moreover be made to reflect the development of its proprietor, making it both a fun toy and furthermore an instructive device. Promising unparalleled dimensions of input for clients, the thought is to make a robot companion and coach which will develop an enduring association with children.

“Our vision at Hanson Robotics is to breath life into robots,” David Hanson, author of Hanson Robotics, said in an announcement. “Our group of A.I. designers, engineers, roboticists, researchers, and craftsmen have planned Little Sophia with the expressiveness and connecting with identity that made Sophia the Robot so engaging, further broadening the range of our character-driven A.I. innovation.”


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