Month: November 2019

This Search Engine is Specially Designed to Help You Write More Clearly

Language is significant, particularly in the realm of business where a misjudged expression could actually cost you cash. In the event that you’ve at any point asked yourself, “Is this sentence right?” or “Is this interpretation right?” at that point Ludwig Sentence Search Engine is for you.

Ludwig Sentence Search Engine is exactly what it seems like, a web search tool that is intended to assist you with writing in better English by giving you contextualized models from dependable sources. Type in a sentence you’re uncertain about, and Ludwig causes you find and contrast your composition and models from logical diaries to papers and everything in the middle.

The database incorporates in excess of 200 million English sentences, helping you spare time and upgrade lucidity in your composition. Ludwig additionally gives definitions, equivalent words, and guides to assist you with improving your jargon and compose all the more purposefully. That way, nothing will be lost in interpretation, and your customers and accomplices will know precisely what you’re asking or telling.

Ludwig is trusted by higher learning instituions and can make an extraordinary expansion to your innovation collection.